Creo 1.0b19

Creo 1.0b19 contains several new features and some important fixes.

This version contains tons of changes and it also contains several changes that can affect your existing code.

We completely rewrote some controls like Toolbar, Tabbar and SegmentedControl. In the previous version you was forced to configure all their items from within the inspector with a very bad user experience and some issues due to the fact that individual items cannot be easily accessed via code. With the introduction of the new subnodes feature, items are exposed in a more natural and easy to use way.
The old project need to be converted to a new format and a self explanatory warning message will show you if your old code needs to be updated.

We also rewrote the Database and RecordSet classes. In particular all indexes inside a RecordSet are now 0-based (was 1-based) so you probably need to upgrade your code. All Databases methods now accept a pair of closures (onSuccess and onFailure parameters) so you have control about the asynchronous or synchronous execution of all the methods.

Keyboard customization and input views are now supported (via subnodes) from within the TextView and TextField controls.

Subviews can now be created just dropping controls inside an existing view.

All know issues and crash bugs has been fixed and b19 is considered features completed.
Complete version history is available here.

CreoPlayer has also been updated to version 1.0.17.

Expects a final 1.0 release pretty soon!

Creo 1.0b7

After many months of hard work we are really proud to announce a huge new beta release.
Beta 7 is feature complete and adds the ability to compile native iOS applications.

CreoPlayer has also been updated to version 1.0.5.
Complete version history is available here .

Creo beta 5.5

Creo b5.5 is available today with a lot of changes and improvements.
A full list of changes is available in the official Version History page.

The most important changes in this release are the new async non blocking database calls, the new Apple based Map control and the new Bluetooth controls. Bluetooth controls in particular are very powerful and with a minimal amount of work you can create very complex task (we’ll post detailed tutorials soon).

We know that we have to create more documentation, more tutorial and more examples and we are working hard on producing new content. Our plan (if no major issues will be reported for b5.5) is to release b6 with app ready to be submitted to Apple Store in January and then give more details about prices and an official release date.

We have really big plans with Creo and we hope you’ll be satisfied with all the news that will be announced soon. With Creo we have only one simple aim: “Reinvent how people develop mobile apps”.

Creo b5.5

A markdown editor built-into b5

As I already wrote, Creo b5 will be a very big under the hood update, that means that the foundation, the language and the functionalities will be much more stables and powerful. In b5 we are investing much of our time in non UI related changes. UI and UX changes will be applied to b6.

An exception to this statement was the SplitView work we did a couple of weeks ago and the new HTML/Markdown functionalities we added to text based controls like Label, TextField and TextView. With this functionality you can literally write a Markdown editor for iPhone/iPad without a single line of code.

Let me show you how powerful this new feature is:

Radio silence and upcoming b5

I am sure some of you are wondering what happened in the latest month, a month without an update and without any new blog post. Well, except for few days off, all the Creo team is working hard on the next b5.

Creo b5 will be an huge update with Gravity finalized and documented, with the iOS app released and with some important internal changes. For example Andrea has rewritten from scratch the SplitView navigation control and it is now even more powerful and useful. Take a look at this short demo about the new SplitView control that automatically creates the master view for you (you’ll be able to completely customize it).