Creo 2.0: The exporter

Creo 2.0: The exporter

With Creo we really want to build a tool with no compromises and we really want to change how mobile applications are developed. Our exporter makes no exception.

For the first time, designers can send production-ready source code to developers for the final tweaks and customizations.

There are some tools out there that enable you to export source code but the main drawbacks of the current solutions are that most of the time the exported source code is good for a compiler but completely non-human friendly and another huge issue is that you cannot change the exported code without losing your customizations once you’ll need to export the original project again.

Creo exporter’s mission is being able to generate a readable and simple to maintain native project (ie. for Xcode) that any developer can open and build with native tools. The exporter generates two set of class files, the private ones containing the exported views and their customization. These files act as a base class for the public ones that can be freely edited by the user because they are never overwritten. Exporting more than once is a safe operation if you don’t modify the private files.

You can download both the original Creo project and the Xcode exported project.

To open the project you need Creo 2.0. More technical information about the exporter can be found in our docs section.