Creo 2.4

Creo 2.4

The last time we published a blog post was in September 2019. I was in Palo Alto (CA) at that time, and a lot of things happened in the past months.

The world is changed due to Coronavirus and there is, even more, a needs to create software faster and in a better way. We are working hard on two different projects, Creo 3.0 with Android support (and much more) and Creo 2.x branch that we continue to keep up-to-date.

Creo 2.4 contains a lot of improvements and enhancements. More in details:

  • Added support for local security like TouchID/FaceID (More Info)
  • Added support for displaying GIF files (More Info)
  • Added support for converting images to GIF/MP4 (More Info)
  • Added support for In-App Purchases (More Info)
  • Added preliminary support for Push Notifications (More Info)
  • Added new User Code panel to easely visualize all code written by the user (from Project menu)
  • Added new zoom-related properties and events in View controls (More Info)

The complete changelog is available in our Version History section. You can download the latest Creo version from our download page.