📽Using REST APIs to access a Firebase database from Creo

Create an iOS app to authenticate and access a Firebase db, retrieve some data and display them on a table view in minutes.

📽Using REST APIs to access a Firebase database from Creo

Some of you asked me how to retrieve and save date to a Firebase database. In this video tutorial I show how simple is to do it from a Creo app using Firebase REST API. We are going to use Firebase Cloud Firestore, the last generation of Firebase key-value store.

As you could see in my previous videos I don't do any post-production work on my recording sessions. I think that's useful because in this way you can see some real mistakes and solutions. If you need more videos keep asking using comments in this blog post.

The sample code of this tutorial is available to download here. If you don't have Creo Community Edition already on your Mac, you can download it now and start playing with it.

Enjoy your coding 🏄🏽‍♂️.