We released Creo 2.0.6 about a month ago and during the last 30 days, we worked hard in order to fix all the issues reported by our users. This version also exposes a lot of new classes and a lot of very useful properties.

ImageFilters (aka CIFilters) was introduced in 2.0.6 and they worked on static images only. We are proud to announce that in Creo 2.0.7 you can use ImageFilters to CameraView, applying a real-time filter to a video streaming is now possible with just a few clicks on the Inspector. Under the hood that required tons of code and a deep study of poorly documented classes. We wanted to give the best possible experience and the best performance (thanks to a Metal view under the hood). The final result exceeds our best expectations:

Another new feature that I am particularly proud of are the enhancements we made to the code autocompletion. It is now able to expose object type and in-line help/description (if available). In a future update, we'll also expose the ability to add a description to methods and properties added by the users.

C means Class, E means Enum, I means Instance and K means Keyword. More types and information will be added in future updates.

Complete change log is available in our Version History section. You can download the latest Creo version from https://creolabs.com/download.