Learning Creo Over The Lunch

Learning Creo Over The Lunch

Do you want to create iOS apps with Creo from scratch in a lunch time?

This is the place to keep an eye on. Every time we publish a new article to teach you any of the Creo functionalities, we update this page adding the useful links

First off, download the Creo IDE and run it—it's free.

Now, do you have 36 minutes?

  1. Welcome to Creo by examples (3 minutes)
  2. How to create a selfie app with two lines of code (6 minutes)
  3. How to work with Camera Roll, TabBar and CreoPlayer (7 minutes)
  4. 6 minutes to create a cooler SelfieApp with a slider and squarish pictures (6 minutes)
  5. Instagram in less than a day using Creo ;) (7 minutes)
  6. How to create a Happiness Journal app in Creo using SQLite (7 minutes)