Creo 1.1.5

This version, even if it is a minor release, introduces a lot of improvements and usability enhancements.
A complete release note is available from but I’d like to point out in detail some of them.

Search Panel
After so many user requests we finally introduced an advanced search panel that let’s you perform complex searches within the project. Searches are performed both in object’s properties and in source code.

When selected, the search result automatically loads the correct object/code.

Error reporting
This was one of the most requested feature. Error reporting is hard and we wanted to expose it in the right way. We invested a lot of time and we are now able to reports a lot of details about runtime and compile time errors.

When you press the Go To Error button the correct source code is loaded and selected.

NULL objects
By default messages sent to NULL objects are silently ignored and sometime this can cause confusion and misleading behaviours to your app. If you want to catch unknown messages sent to NULL you can just activate the check in Creo preferences.

SQLite Databases
SQLite databases dropped to assets are copied into app bundle when you build your IPA. App bundle is a read-only location and so if you need to update your database file at runtime (on a real iOS device) you are forced to copy the file in a read-write location. This requires some checks and operations usually performed during application launch time. We decide to give you a way to automate this frequent task by using a simple checkbox from the SQLite database inspector.

If you select a Copy Action other than none then Creo will transparently take care of all the details for you.

This version also introduces a couple of important features:

Enjoy this new version!

7 thoughts on “Creo 1.1.5

  1. Works as expected. Excellent work Marco. Just one question – you mentioned a couple of months ago you will be releasing a version where we can export swift code. Is this available now?

  2. Exporting is already available in our internal build. We need to decide if this next major version should be released in December or in January.

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