Creo 1.0

Creolabs team is incredibly proud to announce the immediate availability of Creo 1.0.

Creo 1.0 is a huge milestone for us and we raised the bar so high that our ultimate mission is to change how people design and develop software and we really need all your support and help. We have already started working on several new incredible technologies and we really can’t wait to show you all of them in the upcoming weeks.

Thanks a lot again for your invaluable support.
Marco Bambini
Creolabs CEO and Founder

4 thoughts on “Creo 1.0

  1. Thanks. I think you have an excellent product here! Almost like magical, I was able to connect to our company’s ColdFusion Rest service and display the data. I am still learning though. Just trying to figure out how best to leverage custom views according to our requirements. Have to dive deep into your documentations.
    However, his is only half of our requirements. We also need to be able to deploy on Android devices. When can we expect Android implementation?

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