A markdown editor built-into b5

As I already wrote, Creo b5 will be a very big under the hood update, that means that the foundation, the language and the functionalities will be much more stables and powerful. In b5 we are investing much of our time in non UI related changes. UI and UX changes will be applied to b6.

An exception to this statement was the SplitView work we did a couple of weeks ago and the new HTML/Markdown functionalities we added to text based controls like Label, TextField and TextView. With this functionality you can literally write a Markdown editor for iPhone/iPad without a single line of code.

Let me show you how powerful this new feature is:

4 thoughts on “A markdown editor built-into b5

  1. Hey guys,

    When do we get an updated version, B5 or updated B4. As per now too many crashes makes the whole thing almost useless.
    You confirm iPhone App will come with B5 ?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Quentin,
      we need some more weeks in order to be able to release b5, and yes, I confirm that iOS app will be released with b5 too.

      If you are experiencing crashes with b4 please reports them to the community forum so we can fix all of them in b5 too.
      Thanks a lot.

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