Creo b3

Creo b3 is available today with the following changes:

  • Added support for Sketch files, more details here
  • New icons for files inside Assets and Documents
  • UIWebView on MacOS rewritten using WKWebKit (was WebView)
  • Greatly improved HTTPClient
  • Various internal fixes to CREOKit (our custom UIKit on Mac)
  • Improved rotations
  • Improved CustomViews
  • Improved SQLite database
  • Fixed code generation for navigation hierarchies
  • Fixed some issues related to TextView
  • Added schema/table support for all sql databases
  • Fixed an UIWindow issues that leads to have black CustomViews and SplitViews
  • Fixed a compiler issue that prevents to discover methods declared by user inside the same object
  • A lot of other fixes and improvements

2 thoughts on “Creo b3

    • Sorry, we had a problem with the auto updater, so please download the new version using the download link we sent you in the latest email.
      Starting from this version updates will be available in-app.

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