Sketch integration in upcoming b3

We all love Sketch and starting from upcoming b3 Creo we’ll support Sketch files. The only requirements are that Sketch App must be installed on the same computer as Creo and the file format must be the new one introduced in Sketch 3.1.

From Sketch 3.1 changeset: “Sketch’s file format has changed; documents are now truly single files and can be safely emailed or shared via Dropbox and other services without having to zip them up first”.

So, how it works in Creo?
First let’s start with a Sketch file that contains some artworks:


It is mandatory to setup correct slices in order to be able to use that file inside Creo, then just drop the file to Assets or Documents in order to be able to use it.

Creo and Sketch

This short video will show you how integration works.

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