What’s new in Creo beta 2

Creo beta 2 will be released on Monday and this post briefly summarize what changed. We worked really hard in the past three weeks trying to fix as many issues as possible. Some issues remain, some has been fixed and a lot more exciting news will come in the next releases 🙂


With b2 we finally added on-line documentation that can be accessed from the Creolabs website or within the Creo application (just select “Documentation” from the Help menu). More important, documentation will be constantly enhanced and users will be able to contribute with suggestions. Documentation can be accessed from http://docs.creolabs.com/

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 16.10.41


As you probably know you can customize every object inside Creo using the Gravity built-in language. For some very common tasks it would be easier if you can customize behaviors using a graphical user interface instead of writing code. That’s exactly the reason why we created the Actions inspector where you can combine object’s actions in response to other events using a very intuitive interface.

For example look how easily I create an action that opens Window2 when Button1 is touched:

With actions you can start/stop animations, play/pause sounds, execute Gravity code, log messages and much more. Actions is an extensible part and we plan to expose a lot of common tasks via the new Actions inspector.

Windows specialization

Starting from this version we introduced a very powerful concept for Windows. Windows by default are created as Universal, it means that the same Window will run on any device (iPhone, iPad and others) and on any orientation (portrait and landscape). What if you want to have a different Window1 based on device or based on orientation or both! Usually you should handle this situation with a code that looks like (pseudo code):

The new Window specialization feature enables you to just open Window2 and all the underline logic is automatically handled for you by Creo at runtime. Window is just a logical container that will contain the right instance based on some runtime variables (device and orientation). You do not need to write any special code and you do not need to create a lot of if statements to control flow execution. This is a very powerful concept that I tried to summarize in this quick video where you can see a Window specialization by orientation.



Complete Version History can now be found in the new Documentation section.

If you already have b1 installed you should be notified of the new version the first time you’ll open the app, if you haven’t downloaded beta version yet please SignUp to receive a beta link.

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    • Hi Mario,
      due to an issue in b1, b2 must be manually downloaded from the link we sent you in the welcome email.
      Starting from b2 next updates will be notified directly from within the app.

      • Hi Marco,

        thanks for your reply. I’ve just two emails about my subscription to the mailing list. Could you send me this welcome mail again?

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