Hello World

Every new app needs its “Hello World” example in order to familiarize users about user interface and basic functionalities. An appropriate “Hello World” app for Creo could be a simple button that is able to open a new window.

1. Start Creo and choose “New Empty” from the Wizard window.

Creo Wizard

A new empty project is a Window1 inside a Navigation1.

Creo new empty project

2. Create a new window using the “New Window” button on bottom left and then reselect Window1.

Creo new window

3. Drop a button from the Objects pane to Window1.

Button dropped into Window1

4. Reveal Code Editor using the “Code Editor” button from the document toolbar. Select Button1 Action event from the Events group and write the following Gravity code:

Button1 open Window code

5. Press Run Simulator button into Toolbar:

Download “Hello World” project.

Notes about beta 5.3
Starting from Creo 1.0b5.3 you could also use Window2.open(); to achieve the same behavior.
It means open Window2 in current active Navigation.

CoverFlow magics

Few days ago we posted a short video that shows how to connect and customize data from a REST service (Spotify) to a Table.

Creo comes with all standard OS controls and thanks to the fact that we are able to execute any iOS code under Mac we decided to include some very cool (but not standard) controls like CoverFlow. To do so, we just grabbed iCarousel source code from its GitHub repository and then packed it as a built-in and ready to use Creo control.

In the following video I’ll show you how easy it is to connect data to our CoverFlow control and see all changes in real time.

P.S. Yes, Creo will support third-party plugins šŸ˜‰


Creo is the result of three years of hard work. It is a new way to think about mobile app development where there are no more differences between design phase and development phase. Both are combined into a single powerful Mac app.

Designing and developing mobile apps with traditional tools is a very hard and time consuming task. We believeĀ that there should be a better way.

It’s all aboutĀ being able to bridge the gap between design and development and that’s the reason why we were forced to think big and we needed to create a brand new technology. We could not rely on third party simulators or on traditional solutions (like web based tools) simply because Creo is something totally different from what is actually on the market.

  • Creo is a new way to develop and design mobile apps
  • Creo is a mobile operating system that can run iOS apps on MacĀ 
  • Creo is a new programming language
  • Creo is a way to give designers the possibility to work with real data
  • Creo is app development reinvented